The powerful connection to your bike starts at the feet. Customise the connection to your bike and direct power to the pedals in confidence

For all levels and types of cycling including track, road, mountain bike, BMX, and triathlon.

  • Improve fit and keep feet comfortable during long rides - particularly when using higher gears and on hilly, long rides
  • Achieve mechanical efficiency of the foot and leg
  • Super lightweight at 18 grams, adding minimal weight to the rotating mass
  • Durable
  • Designed for all types of cyclists and cycle shoes:
    • Competitive professionals seeking performance enhancement
    • Daily commutes or weekend excursions for added comfort
    • All road cyclists, mountain bikers, triathletes and track cyclists
  • Keep feet more insulated in cold conditions - from vents under the shoe
  • Developed by podiatrists and tested by a variety of cyclists, in a wide variety of cycle shoes.

Cycle Formthotics™ feature the following technical features:

  • Unique shape – lower arch profile and narrower shape specifically for cycle shoes
  • Different foam options – foam density and volume options to suit cyclists’ performance and comfort requirements

*Average weight of Cycle Dual, size M

Mechanical efficiency

Feet are supported evenly and consistently on the pedal platform. Feet, ankles, knees and hips are aligned, with the knee centred over the foot. With a customised surface between the sole of the foot and the inside of the shoe, the foot receives support and greater contact with the pedal, improving efficient power delivery.

Feet and legs are misaligned while pedaling. Often the foot is not in effective contact with the inside of the shoe beneath and rolls inwards (pronates) to establish contact. The leg internally rotates and the knee is no longer centred over the pedal, increasing the risk of potential overuse injury. The delivery of power is reduced negatively impacting efficiency and performance.

Need help to treat pain?

Cycling is extremely repetitive. Foot, knee, hip and lower back pain is common. There are many changes that can be made to your bike setup – including seat height, crank length and cleat positioning as well as better support and comfort in the shoe.

A medical professional will assist in injuries and finding the right support and setup for you.

Find a Medical Professional

Cycle Single


Formthotics™ Sport Cycle Single are a minimalist construction specifically designed for tight fitting cycle shoes.


Cycle Dual


Cycle Dual utilise the same specific low volume shape as the Cycle Single but with an extra cushioning layer.