Run and Fitness

Run and Fitness

Increase your pace and extend your endurance. Run Formthotics cater to all runners, whether aiming for your first 5km or 15th ultra-marathon.

For all running activites, gym, court sports and general fitness.

  • Run more efficiently with better balance
  • Run with greater cushioned comfort
  • Super lightweight at just 19 grams*
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Get the most out of your running shoes
  • Support your feet naturally

Run Formthotics™ cater to all runners, whether aiming for your first 5km or 15th ultra-marathon.

Running injuries are often part of being a regular runner. Most of these injuries are due to overuse and commonly include plantar fasciitis, runners knee, Achilles tendonopathy, Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome and ITB syndrome.

If the human race has been running since the beginning of time then why do we experience these injuries? Part ofthe answer lies in the change in terrain we live in – often running on hard, unforgiving concrete surfaces. Further, more of us run for recreational fitness and are less likely to be physically active in our jobs.

Formthotics™ help align the body from the ground up, assisting with shock absorption and relief of pressure points with a more even distribution of weight across the foot surface, which is particularly important on hard surfaces. With Formthotics™, your foot is supported in a natural posture, reducing fatigue, improving stability and function.

Run Formthotics™ provide the support needed to help you conquer your challenge, and importantly, enjoy the experience!

*Average weight of Run Dual, size M

Mechanical efficiency

The foot is strong, stable and well prepared to form an efficient lever for powerful, responsive forward propulsion. The limb and knee are aligned over the foot maximising efficient forward movement of the entire lower limb.

The foot is excessively pronating (rolling inward) with the leg and knee internally rotating. Without the support of Formthotics, the foot is unable to achieve an efficient lever for effective, powerful propulsion and forward movement.
Effective forward motion requires the foot to form a strong mechanical structure. With the foot excessively pronated, the big toe lever jammed, and structural malalignment, powerful propulsion can’t be achieved.

Need help to treat pain?

Most runners are familiar with running related injuries. Formthotics can help with pain in the feet, knee, hip and lower back. It is important that you are assessed by a medical professional who can help get you running comfortably and efficiently.

Formthotics are often part of a treatment plan which also includes expert customisation of your Formthotics, strengthening exercises and change in lifestyle habbits. These changes will help you get better, sooner, manage continued exercise while injured, improve your running technique to help prevent further injury in the future.

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Run Single


Run Single provides the Formthotics™ custom 3D fit without any extra bulk, ideal for when there is less volume in the shoe.


Run Dual


Formthotics™ Run Dual provides both cushioning and control with a double Formax™ foam layer.