Hiking & Walking

Hiking & Walking

Take on the toughest terrain and go the distance

  • Get the most out of your shoes
  • Minimise unwanted movement in the shoe that can cause blisters
  • Take each step with confidence – experience a greater contact surface with the ground and be more aware of the terrain beneath your feet
  • Keep feet warm, dry and comfortable
  • Support feet naturally

Hike Formthotics™ are shaped to fit modern hiking and walking shoes, offering maximum heel and arch support for stability and support on all terrain with excellent cushioning for comfort.

Hike Formthotics™ distribute body weight more evenly, relieving pressure points. They support your feet in their natural posture, helping to improve balance, reducing stress and muscle fatigue. Increased shock absorbency and cushioning reduces impact on muscles, joints and tendons.

Mechanical efficiency

The heel and arch is well supported, pressure distribution is spread evenly over the entire foot, and the big toe is free to form a strong propulsive lever for effective forward progression. The heel is cupped around its boarder ensuring consistent support across the entire foot. The lateral (outside) column of the foot is supported along its length maintaining stability and maximising feedback, keeping the feet safe and reducing the risk of injury.

The foot is excessively pronating (rolling inwards) within the boot reducing its ability to assist in directional changes when the terrain becomes rough. As the heel drifts to its inside edge, the foot rotates inwards along with the lower limb and knee. The medial, inside column of the foot sustains significant pressure causing jamming of the great toe joint, limiting forward push off power and increasing effort.

Need help to treat pain?

Formthotics can help with pain in the feet, knee, hip and lower back. It is important that you are assessed by a medical professional who can help get you walking comfortably with good stability.

Formthotics are often part of a treatment plan which also includes expert customisation of your Formthotics, strengthening exercises and a change in lifestyle habbits. These changes will help you get better, sooner, manage continued exercise while injured and improve your technique to help prevent further injury in the future.

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Hike Formthotics™ are designed for outdoor enthusiasts, providing the optimum combination of natural support and comfortable cushioning.