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Peter Sandhoult
Who I am and how I got started

Peter Sandholt is a cyclist from Horsens, Denmark. He has ridden over 20,000 km – averaging 7,000 km a year. I like a good challenge and keep pushing to higher goals with this sport.

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Why I use Formthotics…

“I have to say, I cannot recommend Formthotics insoles enough. Ever since I started using them, I’ve never had any issues of any kind with my feet. And that’s after racing across both the American and the European continent. I would never dream of going into a race without them. Thanks again for giving me one less challenge during my races.”

Career Highlights of Peter Sandholt
2015 Race Across America – 3004 miles 2016- Transcontinental European Race – Belgium to Turkey – 4000km 2017 – Red Bull Extreme Trans-Siberian Race-Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia – 5 climate zones, 7 time zones, 14 stages, 24 days, 9287km
When I think of Formthotics…

I benefit greatly from wearing Formthotics Cycle in my cycle shoes.¬†Benefits I get through Formthotics are more power in my pedals and a lack of ‘hotfoot’ on those long distances.

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Formthotics Sport
Cycle Dual utilise the same specific low volume shape as the Cycle Single but with an extra cushioning layer.
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Formthotics Sport
Cycle Single’s Formax foam layer provides functional support without bulk for road, off-road, triathlon, track or recreational cycling.
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Formthotics Sport
Formthotics Run Dual provides both cushioning and control with a double Formax foam layer.
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Formthotics Ambassadors are outstanding, inspirational people who use Formthotics to help them get the most out of their life and achieve some amazing goals. They are elite sports people and everyday people, each with a story to tell. Contact us to find out more about becoming a Formthtotics Ambassador