Formthotics worn and applauded by leading basketball players

7 November 2014 - posted by Formthotics HQ

This season we had the privilege of fitting the Canterbury RAMS basketball team with Formthotics.

canterbury rams basketball formthotics clappersWe gauged a strong understanding of what is needed both on and off the court for the players – plus watching courtside, using Formthotics as clappers and cheering on our local team was pretty good too!

We scored our own three-pointer when we got to talk to three players about their love for the game, and how Formthotics help their sports performance and everyday well-being:

  • Josh Paurini – shooting guard
  • Glen Dandridge – shooting guard / small forward
  • Brent Fisher – centre / power forward

Why wear Formthotics in your basketball shoes?

Relieve pressure points

Some people underestimate how much stress goes through their joints, especially in basketball. The ground force reaction is ten times your body weight, which is almost a tonne. Formthotics distribute body weight evenly across the surface of the foot, reducing shock, and improving stability and function.

‘It’s really important to have good support in your feet. A lot of the shoes I buy are just a little piece of foam. I didn’t get any of those niggley contact injuries that I normally get in a season.’ – Josh

Freedom to move

Formthotics are heat moulded, creating a seamless connection between the foot and the ground.
Glen had a problem with his fifth metatarsal and was in a lot of pain with any kind of movement, particularly while running and jumping.

‘It moulds to my foot and then the minor adjustments on the bottom which left to off-loading my left, fifth metatarsal, (I’m) more balanced and stable. (They’ve) released the pressure, I’m still able to play without pain – so Formthotics definitely work.’ – Glen

Optimum comfort

Stress fractures, plantar flasciitis, ankle instability, Achilles tendinitis are just a few injuries that commonly occur during basketball. For Brent, he’s suffered from shin splints for the last couple of years. He’d been to physiotherapist and doctor, and was given exercises, but found they never really helped resolve the issues.

‘After training I would struggle to even walk, just because it hurt so much. Ever since I got the Formthotics they’ve slowly been getting better and better – and that was only a couple of months ago too. Once you get used to them you don’t even notice them – so it probably feels weird if I take them out now.’ – Brent

Align your body from the ground up

Five years ago Josh injured himself. With his right ankle ‘stuffed’, his left knee began to get ‘jumpers knee’, while his back become problematic too.

‘We needed to increase the lateral side, just to stop me from rolling in, giving me a little more support. I needed the right one to be different to the left one. I have these in my basketball boots, my work shoes and all of my casuals.’ – Josh