Formthotics™ Sport 
Customised orthotics help you to gain the most enjoyment and performance in your sport.

Formthotics™ Sport utilise the unique Formthotics™ Technology including:

  • A design that specifically compliments the technical features of your sport boot or shoe, and the needs of your activity. Formthotics have a proven design, fitting millions of feet for over 30 years.
  • Thermoformable (heat mouldable) – Formthotics are custom fitted to both the foot and shoe and should be heated and fitted by an authorised Formthotics stockist for the best fit to your unique feet
  • Even distribution of pressure across the foot – Formthotics purpose made foam called Formax™ provides a consistent foam density across the orthotic due to a unique 3D milling process.

Formthotics™ customise the fit of your shoe to fit your unique feet, providing greater comfort and less movement in the shoe. People who use Formthotics™ Sport report better stability, enhanced feel for the surface beneath the foot, greater warmth and comfort, and less muscle fatigue. 

Need help to treat pain?

If you are experiencing prolonged foot pain while performing activities, you might have a lower limb or foot injury and we recommend you seek advice from a medical professional.

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