What are Formthotics™?

Formthotics™ are a revolutionary custom foot orthotic. They are used for the treatment of lower limb injuries as well as for injury prevention, enhanced performance and improved comfort. Formthotics™ are thermoformed (heat moulded) to your unique foot shape and your shoe type.

Research and studies indicate that most people can benefit from the use of custom orthotics in their footwear.

How do I fit my Formthotics™?

Your Formthotics should have been fitted when you purchased them. To get a truly customised fit and maximise Formthotics benefits, they should be thermoformed (heat moulded) and fitted to your feet and shoes.

If this is not possible, remove the insole from your shoes and insert the Formthotics. Ensure they fit well and trim if required. Wear them in slowly to avoid blisters. 

Do they come in different sizes?

Yes Formthotics™ come in XXS (previously called Kids) through to XXL. They also come in various shapes, arch profiles and foam hardness’s. See our size chart to find your size.

Why should I wear Formthotics™?

Your foot is as individual as you are! Most footwear is mass produced and therefore made to fit an average foot shape. Formthotics™ customise your footwear to fit the unique shape of your foot, right in your shoes.

A custom fitted shoe minimises the risk of injury and keeps you on your feet longer.

As Formthotics™ were designed by sports medicine specialists, to keep you on your feet for longer. Formthotics will help you perform more efficiently, they will:

  • Increase comfort and responsiveness
  • Improve stability and strength
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Improve recovery time
  • Support your feet naturally
  • Increase you confidence; know where your foot is and what it’s doing.
  • Maintain your centre of gravity and increase your power
  • Increase shoe comfort
  • Reduce tiredness in feet, legs and muscles

Formthotics™ provide a balanced, stable foundation for your body. Think of your body as a house and your feet as its foundations. No matter how solid the walls may be, your house is only as stable as its foundations.


Who uses Formthotics™?

More people than you would think! Most people suffer from foot pain at some stage in their lives either for many reasons such as an injury, poor fitting footwear or overuse.

We feature sports people, ordinary people and medical professionals who are using Formthotics™ on our website. We’d love to hear your story too.

Who designed and made Formthotics™?

Formthotics™ were invented by Dr Charlie Baycroft (previously Medical Director of Foot Science International) in conjunction with help and expert advice from podiatrists, sports medicine specialists and physiotherapists.

They have been manufactured in Christchurch New Zealand by Foot Science International for over 30 years.

What if I stop using my Formthotics™?

If your Formthotics™ have been issued to you by a medical specialist as part of a treatment, please seek their advice prior to discontinuing use as you may put yourself at risk of re-injury.

What are Formthotics™ made from?

They are made from Formax™ Foam, a unique type of chemically cross-linked closed cell Polyethylene foam. This foam is very different from EVA that most insoles are made of. Formax™ is completely thermoformable, which means it can be moulded into shape at relatively low temperatures. The foam is an extremely effective shock absorbing material. Its closed cell structure means it is completely waterproof and doesn't absorb bacteria or germs.

Formthotics™ are antimicrobial. The Formax™ foam is waterproof and does not absorb sweat. It also contains Ultrafresh which prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi which cause foot odour. Independent laboratory tests show that Formax™ foam has a 100% surface inhibition of A.niger and S.aureus which are associated with Athletes foot (Tinea).

See Formthotics™ Technology page for more information.

Do I need new shoes?

Maybe… Because Formthotics™ mould to your foot and shoe you need a good shoe base to start with i.e. not worn and distorted.

If you are planning on getting new shoes, this is the perfect time to get your Formthotics™.

Should I use Formthotics™ all the time?

For maximum benefit, Formthotics™ should always be worn during sport and general exercise.

Ideally you should also wear Formthotics™ in your dress and casual shoes as everyday stresses can also negatively affect the foot, causing pain and discomfort.

Although Formthotics™ can safely be transferred from one shoe to another without re-moulding, every shoe is different so we highly recommend you have a pair moulded for each pair of shoes.

Once you get used to the comfort, support and shock absorption, you will probably want to wear them all the time.

How long will my Formthotics™ last?

Formthotics™ will normally outlast the pair of shoes in which they are fitted. Even with heavy use most people should get a minimum of 12 months life from a pair of Formthotics™.

If you change your shoes and the Formthotics™ do not feel right we recommend you have them checked and adjusted or replaced if necessary.  

Formthotics™ have a 30 day warranty.

How do Formthotics™ work with my shoes?

Formthotics™ complement the technical features of all types and models of sports, leisure and everyday shoes.

Formthotics™ are custom moulded sports orthotics. They are thermoformed to the exact shape of a user’s foot or shoe. Fitting should be done by a medical practitioner for Formthotics™ Medical models or trained store staff for Formthotics™ Sport, Formthotics™ Everyday and Formthotics™ Youth product brands.

Formthotics™ are custom fitted to both the foot and shoe. They continue to mould during the first three days of use to accommodate the dynamic aspects of your body and shoe in the performance of your sport or activity. 
Sport people who use Formthotics™ report better balance, enhanced feel for the surface beneath the foot, better leg speed, greater comfort and less fatigue.

Although Formthotics™ can safely be transferred from one shoe to another without re-moulding, every shoe is different so we recommend you have a Formthotics™  moulded for each pair of shoes.

Can I wash my Formthotics™?

Yes you can. Simply wash them in cold or warm water with a little detergent and rinse with water. Dry them with a towel and replace them in your shoes. The Formax™ foam is waterproof and does not absorb sweat, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes foot odour and may lead to infection or athlete’s foot (tinea). have added protection of an  product called Ultra-Fresh™.

Are Formthotics™ safe to use?

Formthotics™ are as safe as your own natural footprints. When you first start using Formthotics™, your feet and legs may take a few days to become accustomed. This is because your feet are getting a level of support and control that they have never had before and your leg alignment has been slightly altered because of this. If they still don't feel right after 3 days, they can be re-moulded and re-adjusted at any time. If symptoms persist contact your local podiatrist or sports physician.

What if I have an injury?

If you have lower limb or foot pain we recommend that you seek the advice of a Podiatrist, Sports doctor, Physiotherapist or musculoskeletal Physician. Pain suggests that you have a lower limb or foot problem that requires the expert attention of a trained specialist.